Welcome beloved

I'm Claire In't Veld

Starseed Mother, Divine Channel, Human Being, and many things in between...

It is my honour to be in divine service and support to your being in the awakening, activation, and initiation of your evolution and journey here as the reminder of the love, light, power, and infinite potential that you are.  

integrative bodywork

integrative bodywork

Experience Divine Connection

It is my heart work and service to support humanity to feel home here, within their heart, fully integrated and embodied and deeply grounded in to the heart of the earth as our place of belonging so we be fully here to be all that we are.

Readings, Spiritual Guidance & Support

integrative bodywork

Integrative Bodywork Practices

Multidimensional Healing

Sharing My Gifts

"My soul’s journey here and gift is that we are each an ever present, evolving and infinite source of creation not bound by what we do, how we experience it or who we perceive ourselves to be."
integrative bodywork

Discovering New Dimensions

I have always been open and connected to the many-dimensional worlds we each live within and as a child sought deeply to know the heart and truth of what we were each really doing here and why. It is with this keen interest that I studied with Qala Sri Ama, founder of the Sirius Library, with Ishtar, Ascended Master Channel, and Zamara, Divine Light Channel.